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Rent a Meeting Room

Do you need a place to hold a meeting? The Port of Skagit offers an attractive choice, the Port Commission Hearing Room. The room, located in the Port Administration Building at Skagit Regional Airport, is available whenever it’s not in use for commission meetings or other Port use. Its capacity is 52 people.

Renovated in early 2010, the Port Commission Hearing Room and its associated kitchenette will be made available to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  •  Are responsible, organized, community groups or business firms.
  • Do not charge a fee for admission. (This does not preclude voluntary contribution for community fund raising events.)
  • Are not engaged in the promotion of political candidates or ballot issues.

Users of Port Commission Hearing Room must adhere to the following general policy:

  • The hearing Room and kitchenette are the only areas of the building to be used or occupied (unless otherwise stated).
  • The facilities are to be used only for purposes which are in good moral taste.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Reservations will be coordinated with the Port. The Port reserves the right to cancel room reservation without notice for any reason.
  • Use fees are charged as follows, payable in advance:
        - $15 per use for non-profit organizations and community groups.
        - $25 per use for private businesses, located on or near Port property.
        - No fee for other public agencies.
  • Organizations using the Port Commission Hearing Room must provide their own coffee, other beverages and food. Use of the Port’s coffee-making equipment is permitted.
  • Organizations using the Port Commission Hearing Room may use the Port’s equipment (TV, VCR/DVD, dry easel boards, flip chart stand, internet connection). However, any additional supplies (such as pencils, paper, flip-chart paper) must be provided by the organization using the room.