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Resource Conservation

Recognizing that resource conservation is a key element of conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner, the Port of Skagit Board of Commissioners approved a Resource Conservation Plan in January 2010 with a goal of reducing energy consumption in port-occupied facilities by 10 percent from 2008 levels within two years.

Developed by the port’s Conservation Task Force in cooperation with the Skagit Council of Governments’ Resource Conservation Management Program, the plan takes a broad-based approach to energy conservation aimed at achieving maximum efficiency from the utilities necessary for daily operations. The port was the first of nine local agencies participating in the SCOG program to formally adopt its plan.

The Resource Conservation Plan concentrates on no-cost and low-cost conservation measures in six areas where significant improvements can be effected:

  • Facility lighting;
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
  • Domestic water heaters;
  • Electrical appliances and equipment;
  • Domestic water use and irrigation; and
  • Solid waste and recycling.


The plan focuses on the five buildings that the port inhabits: the administration building and airport terminal, maintenance shop and fire truck building at Skagit Regional Airport; and the port’s office and maintenance shop at La Conner Marina.

In addition, the Port offers matching incentives for energy-efficient lighting upgrades in its leased facilities. Tenants who occupy Port-owned buildings can get a 50 percent match on their Puget Sound Energy-funded lighting upgrades. The tenant applies for a grant or rebate from PSE to replace older lighting with new energy-efficient lighting in their building. They pay the bill, receive the PSE rebate and then submit the invoice to the Port for 50 percent reimbursement on their remaining out-of-pocket costs. With the standard PSE 50 percent rebate, that means getting the work done for a quarter of the total price.  


For More Info

For more information about the Port of Skagit’s Resource Conservation Management Program, call Sara K. Young, Director of Planning and Facilities, at 360-757-9830 or click here to send a message.