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Wetlands Program

During the 1990s, the Port of Skagit began a program of wetland protection known as Skagit Wetlands and Industrial Negotiations. The Skagit WIN program brought together people with different views of the environment and economic development to plan for wetland protection, while still providing for business and industry on the Port’s property.

As the result of Skagit WIN, there are now approximately 477 acres of high functioning, protected wetlands and wetland buffers at the Bayview Business Park. In addition, the Port maintains approximately 20 acres of restored wetlands as the result of a multi-agency wetland mitigation agreement implemented in 2000.

Wetlands perform a variety of functions that are important to the environmental and economic well being of Skagit County:

  • Control flooding by acting as natural reservoirs for incoming storm flow;
  • Improve water quality by filtering contaminants;
  • Maintains stream flow by releasing stored water after floods and wet season;
  • Recharge groundwater;
  • Provide wildlife habitat, shelter and food for many different species;
  • Create places for recreation, scientific study, and aesthetic appreciation;


Port wetlands are visible from the trail system. The Ovenell Road parking lot is located adjacent to a 14-acre wetland restoration site.


For More Info

For more information about Skagit WIN, contact Sara K. Young, Director of Planning and Facilities, at 360-757-9830 or click here to send a message.