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RV Resort Rules & Regulations



•        All guests must make payment within four (4) hours of arrival by either visiting the Marina office or using the payment envelopes. Please consider your stay to be on a nightly basis until approved by marina staff.

•        We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

•        Receipt shall be displayed in a readily apparent location (front windshield, front door,etc.)

•        Do not move to another site without prior approval from the Marina office.

•        Check-in time is1:00p.m. Check out time is 12:00noon.

•        Maximum stay is fifteen (15) days out of every 30-day period.

•       Refunds are only available for reservations cancelled prior to 1:00 p.m. on the scheduled day of arrival. The first night isnon-refundable.



•        Guests will receive a parking pass to display in their tow/towed vehicle.

•        Standard rates will apply for additional vehicles, trailers, boats,etc.

•       Tow/towed and visitor vehicles parking in RV sites are prohibited and subject to towing.

•       Vehicles must be fully operable and not leaking any fluids.

•       Washing of RV's or other vehicles is prohibited.

•       Other than in an emergency, working on RVs and vehicles is prohibited.



•        Extended stays longer than the fifteen (15) day maximum may be approved by the Port on a case-by­ case basis.

•         No more than twelve (12) sites will be available for extended stays at any given time.

•        All extended stays must be approved in advance. A background and credit check will be performed prior to arrival. A $100 administrative fee will be charged for all extended stay applications.



•        All RVs and vehicles must be in good operating condition, of good appearance and be currently registered.

•        Towed RVs must be accompanied by the tow vehicle. No outside arrangements may be made to transport an RV to thepark.

•        All RVs allowed in the park are subject to management approval.

•        Quiet hours are between10:00p.m.to6:00a.m.The entrance will be secured from10:00 7:00 a.m.

•        Behavior that disturbs or creates a nuisance for other guests/neighbors is prohibited.

•        Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, unless in licensed premises, in private vehicles, or in designated areas.

•        RV owners are responsible forthe actions of their visitors.

•        Any outdoor fires must be contained in a charcoal/propane grill. Please place extinguished charcoal/embers in trash dumpsters.

•        No generators, outside clothes lines or tents on RVsites.                                                                         

        •        Sewer connections must be sealed.

•        Public fishing is only permitted on "G" Dock and "F" Dock. Night fishing is prohibited.

         •        Swimming is prohibited in the Marina.  Swimming pools are not allowed at RVsites.

•        Garbage is to be placed in bags and deposited in approved rece ptacles . Dumpsters are located throughout the Marina.

•        Please respect other's privacy, do not walk thru their sites or drive or park on emptysites.

         •        Outdoor items shall be kept neat and orderly. The marina is not responsible for lost/stolenitems.

         •        Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.



•        All pets shall be at all times under the direct control of their owners.

•        Pet owners shall immediately and fully clean up after their pets.

•        Pets shall not disturb other guests.


Anyone visiting or using the Marina or its facilities does so at their own risk.