Make a Maintenance Request

The Port of Skagit has recently begun using a computerized maintenance work order system. This will allow us to respond to maintenance requests in a more organized and timely fashion, and additionally enabling us to track our time. We have prepared a tenant request page for public usage, which is now the most efficient way to get a work request to our maintenance employees.

To create a maintenance request:

1.    Go to the maintenance request page:

2.    Click on the location of your request (Airport, Business Park, and/or Marina Maintenance Request).

3.    Fill in the appropriate information (name, phone number, and email*).

a.     Building ID is the name or address of the building where the work is to be done.

b.     Specific Work Order Instructions can be more details about your request, its location, or any other comments.

5.    Click submit.

*You will receive e-mail notifications indicating the status of your maintenance request. 

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