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Local Company Rebuilds Vintage Mechanical Fuel Injection Systems

Burlington – Ingram Enterprises and H&W Racing rebuild and modify SPICA (SPEE-KA) mechanical fuel injection systems for vintage Alfa Romeos at their 1500 square-foot facility at the Bayview Business Park.

Owner Wes Ingram started the company in 1985 and his business partner, Herb Sanborn of H&W Racing, joined the business in 2001. The two specialists relocated from Seattle to the Port of Skagit in 2004 and currently rebuild more than 120 injection pumps per year.

“Port of Skagit property is perfect for a business such as Ingram Enterprises/H&W Racing,” said Kevin E. Ware, president of the port commission. “We are thrilled the company chose to locate here more than 11 years ago.”

According to Ingram, the Milan-based Alfa Romeo carmaker transitioned from carburetors to mechanical fuel injection to meet EPA emission standards in the United States. Ingram said, “The SPICA mechanical injection pumps, which is basically an analog computer system that injects fuel into the engine, were original equipment on all Alfas imported into the US from 1969 through 1980. Since these cars are now vintage automobiles, cars with factory-original equipment have the greatest market value.”

When the Spica-equipped Alfas first arrived in the US, many were converted to carburetors since few mechanics could service them. In the mid 80’s Ingram found many abandoned pumps in shops and garages and began collecting them as a hobby. During this time Alfa Romero and the auto industry switched to electronic fuel injection (EFI) to reduce costs and further reduce engine emissions.

Sanborn rebuilds the parts and components by hand and tests each pump and injector on his specially built test bench to calibrate and set each pump to match the demands of the engine. Ingram and Sanborn work together on the research and development of the Spica fuel injection system so that the system is compatible with newly available engine components that are regularly being developed. The goal is to preserve the mechanical integrity of the Spica Injection systems as presented by Alfa Romero 46 years ago.

“We have the spirit of continuing the manufacturing process”, said Wes Ingram and Herb Sanborn. “We want to continue the evolution of new and innovative ways to make engines perform to modern day levels using the original Spica systems without converting to electronic or digital systems.”

Ingram Enterprises is located at 15613-C Peterson Rd., Burlington.

















From left: Sanborn’s Flow Bench, 1974 Alfa Romero engine, Herb Sanborn (left) and Wes Ingram (right) pose in front of a 1974 Alfa Romero inside their shop at the Bayview Business Park in Burlington. 

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