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Comment Period for Airport Cleanup Project Opens Friday

The state Department of Ecology will begin accepting public comments this week on the Taxiway F cleanup site located at Skagit Regional Airport.

The Taxiway F site is an area where crop-dusting operations occurred for more than two decades. The Department of Ecology and the Port of Skagit are proposing to enter into a legal agreement called a consent decree. Under this decree, the port will clean up the site as described in the decree’s Cleanup Action Plan and provide opportunities for public involvement as described in the Public Participation Plan. The Cleanup Action Plan was prepared using information from the Final Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study, also available for public review.

The Taxiway F site includes an aircraft hangar and adjacent area near Taxiway F at the western edge of the airport, and covers 2.2 acres. The hangar and surrounding area were used for crop-dusting operations between 1978 and about 2000, which included storage of chemicals for crop dusting. The port discovered stained soils at the site in 2000 and began the process of soil and groundwater investigation. Crop-dusting operations released several different chemicals including pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides in the area where chemical mixing and aircraft loading and storage occurred. The most commonly detected product is Thiodan, which is the trade name for endosulfan.

The cleanup, which is expected to cost $2.75 million, will include removing the contaminated soil to a permitted facility off-site; backfilling the excavations with clean, imported fill material; and restoring wetland and forest vegetation.

Documents related to the site are available for review at the front desk of the Port of Skagit administration building, 15400 Airport Drive, or at the Burlington Public Library. They also are available on line at Ecology’s web site for the project:

The public comment period runs from April 29 through May 31. Submit comments and technical questions to:

David L. South - site manager

Washington State Department of Ecology

Northwest Regional Office - Toxics Cleanup Program

3190 160th Avenue SE

Bellevue, WA 98008

Phone: (425) 649-7200


If you are a reporter seeking information about the Port of Skagit, please call Andrew Entrikin, community outreach administrator, at 360-757-0011 or email