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Commercial Kitchen Cooks Up Success

Carolyn Tenneson Wahl, left, owner of Old Wooden Spoon Baking Co. LLC, and Beverly Tenneson prepare products for baking in the commercial kitchen.

When the Port of Skagit built its commercial kitchen in the Bayview Business Park in 2011, the facility was envisioned as an incubator that would provide new and emerging food businesses a place where they could prepare products for the market.

Now, three-plus years into a partnership with From the Farm Treats, the port can point to a solid record of success for its commercial kitchen. According to statistics compiled by From the Farm Treats, which has been managing the kitchen since it opened, 39 individual businesses used the facility during 2014 with usage averaging 29 hours per week. Nine additional businesses are planning to start using the kitchen in 2015, and 11 more individuals or partners have conferred with From the Farm Treats about starting businesses that would utilize the kitchen.

From the Farm Treats also supports 16 food processors that use the commercial kitchen as their processing plant. Many of these are able to create value-added products, thanks to the availability of the kitchen.

“We built the commercial kitchen because people in the community were telling us that a facility like that was needed,” said Bill Shuler, president of the port commission. “The success of this project shows that good things can happen when people work together.”

A further indication of the value of the commercial kitchen incubator is that nine former users of the kitchen, including three companies now operating food trucks, have moved on to establish stand-alone businesses. They are:

•          Basic Kneads

•          Cuisine Claire

•          Grammies Treats

•          Misty Mountain

•          Sweet & Savory Catering

•          Ohanna BBQ

•          Random Acts of Food

•          River Dog

“We get new businesses started during their struggle period – trial and errors – and when they fine-tune their businesses they are able to move on to their own, and we start over with ‘newbies,’” explained Susan Berentson and Tami Sakuma, owners of From the Farm Treats. “We are able to accomplish the goal of a commercial public kitchen and run our own direct business out of this facility due to the port’s continual support and willingness to work with us.”

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