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A significant, destructive weather event occurred on Sunday, January 6th, resulting in extensive damage to several T-hangars at Skagit Regional Airport in Burlington.


Varying degrees of damage occurred to five T-hangar buildings, which are the smaller hangars typically leased by private recreational aircraft owners. 


Airport staff hope to reach out to NOAA to identify specifics about the storm that caused damage to multiple T-hangars yet left some nearby aircraft on the flight line untouched. 


Skagit Regional Airport has five T-hangar buildings, each housing 10-12 individual hangars, as well as larger hangars which didn’t sustain any damage.  All hangars at Skagit Regional Airport are leased and occupied, leaving airport staff scrambling to find shelter for the aircraft they could safely remove from the damaged T-hangars. 


Port of Skagit crews worked for more than 11 hours on Sunday to remove sheet metal debris and secure affected hangars wherever they could in order to mitigate further damage.  The local fire department responded to assess and assist with the situation. Airport staff also contacted tenants to notify them about the incident.


The airport’s insurance adjuster and a structural engineer were on the scene Monday for a preliminary assessment.  For public safety, access will be restricted until the structural integrity of the buildings are determined. 


Tenants who have been impacted by the extreme weather event are asked to contact the Port of Skagit, where staff are available to assist with questions and concerns regarding their unit, structural condition and safety issues. 


Thankfully, no injuries occurred during the extreme weather event.   


If you are a reporter seeking information about the Port of Skagit, please call Linda Tyler, Community Outreach Administrator, at 360-757-0011 or email