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Inventory of Industrial Lands Nearing Completion

Burlington – The consultant creating an inventory of industrial lands in Skagit County is making good progress on the project’s first phase and expects to produce a preliminary report by the end of August, the Port of Skagit announced today.

The inventory will help various governmental and economic development organizations in Skagit County to understand the adequacy of the county’s existing job-producing land base, assess the future need for ready-to-build industrial land in the county, and could serve as the basis of a future property search/marketing tool. The Port of Skagit contracted with ECONorthwest, an economics consulting firm based in Oregon, to produce the inventory.

The first phase of the project includes development of a detailed inventory of existing industrial properties that categorizes land based on condition (e.g. ready to build, constrained, under-utilized, etc.), and identification of short-term supply and serviceability of existing industrial land.  Phase Two, which will produce projections of long-term industrial land need and an analysis of local land use policy considerations, will begin early next year after the Skagit Council of Governments completes an updated employment forecast for the county. Utilizing current employment forecast data will allow ECONorthwest to more accurately forecast how much land will be required to accommodate anticipated industrial employment growth. ECONorthwest expects to finish the project by May 2014.

The Port of Skagit signed agreements last March with the Port of Anacortes, the Skagit Council of Governments and Skagit County, with each partner providing $7,000 plus staff support and existing pertinent data for the inventory. In addition, the Economic Development Association of Skagit County is participating as part of its 2013 contract with the Port of Skagit.

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