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Port of Skagit Adopts “Bring Your Child to Work” Policy


Port of Skagit Adopts “Bring Your Child to Work” Policy


BURLINGTON, WA---The Port of Skagit recently adopted a new policy in response to the growing challenges that many working families are facing.


At its September Port Commission meeting, the Port of Skagit adopted a “Children in the Workplace” policy for Port employees.  This policy creates some flexibility for Port staff who find themselves trying to balance the demands of work and home responsibilities with school resuming at home for most students.  The new policy is a temporary measure that would allow employees to bring their school-aged children to work under certain conditions.


“The Port strives to provide a family-friendly work environment for our employees,” said Patsy Martin, Executive Director for the Port of Skagit.  “We recognize the challenges that working families are facing today, and we want to be proactive in helping our team achieve a work-life balance that meets their family’s needs while remaining productive at work.”


The policy is not meant to be a substitute for childcare, and the Port reserves the right to adjust the policy as the 2020-2021 school year progresses and needs change.   The Port of Skagit currently employs a total of 35 people at their four properties:  Skagit Regional Airport, Bayview Business Park, La Conner Marina and SWIFT Center.

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