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Port Receives State Grant for Runway Project

Burlington – The Port of Skagit Board of Commissioners has voted to accept a grant for $55,181.88 from the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Airport Aid Program to fund a portion of the upcoming Runway 10-28 Rehabilitation and Wildlife Fencing project at Skagit Regional Airport.

The Airport Aid Fund provides financial assistance to many public-use airports in Washington to address pavement, safety and security needs.

The Runway 10-28 project, which is planned in two phases, will bring the airport’s main runway up to Federal Aviation Administration standards and make it more compatible with aircraft currently using the airport. FAA will provide 95 percent of the funding for the full project, including engineering and project management. The WSDOT grant further reduces the port’s cost of building the project.

Phase One is expected to begin later this year and be completed in 2011. The port awarded a contract for $2,533,826.30 to Interwest Construction Inc., Burlington, WA, to build the first phase.

The first phase of construction will replace the runway’s failed under drain system with a new system located outside the boundaries of the runway pavement. Then a 2-inch-thick maintenance overlay, compatible with the pending crown conversion, will be placed on the runway to limit further deterioration of the surface.

The second phase of the Runway 10-28 project, likely taking place during the summer of 2012, will convert the runway’s shed section into a crown section, shifting the highest part of the runway from the northern edge to the centerline. This will require raising the existing grade on the centerline by approximately 14 inches. At the same time, the eastern 1,500 feet of the runway will be raised approximately 5 feet.

Development of what is now Skagit Regional Airport began in 1933. During World War II, the U.S. Navy constructed the triangular runway-taxiway configuration that remains largely unchanged to this day. It was used as an alternate airfield for Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. The Port of Skagit obtained full ownership of the airport in 1975 and has operated it since then.

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