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Public Appreciates Port of Skagit’s Value, Study Finds

Burlington – The public’s appreciation for the value of the Port of Skagit has increased significantly over the past two years, a new study has found.

The study, commissioned by the port, was conducted by GMA Research, of Bellevue, to gauge the level of knowledge, understanding and support that the port has among the citizens of the Skagit Port District. GMA conducted a similar study for the port in 2011.

The study found that while public familiarity with the Port of Skagit is up slightly from 2011, the public’s opinion of the value of the port has grown much more. When asked how valuable the port is to the community, 92 percent of respondents rated it “Very Valuable” or “Somewhat Valuable” compared to 55 percent two years ago. The majority of respondents also understood that the port’s mission is economic development and creating jobs.

The port rated positively in all areas tested:

  • Value to community             
  • Professionalism                     
  • Trust/Integrity                        
  • Services provided                 
  • Well managed                      
  • Financially sound                 
  • Listens to community           
  • Creating good jobs               
  • Excellence in public service
  • Inspiring success                   
  • Enhancing quality of life      

A particularly positive finding was that 55 percent felt the port has “improved” over the past two years. Just 5 percent felt the port had declined.

GMA also conducted electronic surveys of tenants in the port’s La Conner Marina, Skagit Regional Airport and Bayview Business Park. All three facilities earned positive ratings, and the port currently is implementing a number of improvements that were suggested by the tenants.

GMA president Don Morgan and port advisor Duane Knapp of BrandStrategy, Anacortes, helped to develop the survey questions. The telephone survey involved random calls to 200 households evenly distributed throughout the port district.

If you are a reporter seeking information about the Port of Skagit, please call Andrew Entrikin, community outreach administrator, at 360-757-0011 or email