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T-HANGAR UPDATE:  04-02-2019

It’s been almost three months since the extreme destructive weather event damaged the t-hangars at Skagit Regional Airport.  It’s been a challenging process for all of us and we appreciate your cooperation as we navigate through the next stage of resolving the situation.  


Short-Term T-Hangar Occupancy Agreements were mailed out last week to those tenants who signed the waiver, and whose hangar has been approved for occupancy.  Each t-hangar has been assigned one of three levels of occupancy as outlined in each Agreement: 


  1. Full use, no restrictions
  2. Use only during daylight hours and during normal wind circumstances; not to be used during high wind events*
  3. Use only during daylight hours, during normal wind circumstances, and with access provided by Port of Skagit Staff only; not to be used during high wind events*

* High Wind Events is defined as winds of 20 knots or higher


All the buildings have been tagged by Port staff and fencing has been adjusted to allow/disallow access based on occupancy level.


If you receive the Short-Term Occupancy Agreement, please review the Agreement carefully, sign and return it to the Port by April 15, 2019.


For those who have a hangar that is deemed unsafe for occupancy, we will continue to keep you informed in the overall process, including updates on any new details regarding the development/construction of new hangars near Runway 04-22.  Many of you have inquired about next steps and anticipated timelines, so we have put together a Fact Sheet to provide some answers, wherever possible.

Click HERE for the Fact Sheet.


Again, we greatly appreciate your cooperation and partnership throughout this process.  We will continue to stay in touch.



If you are a reporter seeking information about the Port of Skagit, please call Linda Tyler, Community Outreach Administrator, at 360-757-0011 or email