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T-Hangar Update:  07-30-19


Dear Hangar Tenants and Stakeholders,


Thank you to everyone who attended the Commission meeting on July 9th and shared their thoughts, concerns, and stories regarding the surplussing of the t-hangars.  We appreciate your candidness and the opportunity to address some of the issues with those in attendance.


Notice of Action Publication – July 31, 2019

Attached please find a Notice of Action for the demolition of t-hangar buildings A through E that will be published in the Skagit Valley Herald tomorrow.  As we shared with you all previously, the Port’s action to surplus the five t-hangar buildings is a required procedure for the release of public property.  Similarly, the Port is required to conduct an environmental analysis of project impacts before the hangars can be removed and new hangars built.  This does not mean that all five buildings will be removed immediately.  The Port’s current plans are to remove hangar buildings A, B and C.   We anticipate those hangars to be removed within the next three months.  There are currently no plans or timeline to demolish hangar buildings D and E.  Until there is a project that requires the use of that area, hangars D and E may continue to be used in the same agreed upon capacity.   We will continue to keep you informed and will provide as much advance notice as possible when a viable proposal moves forward. 


July 9th Commission Meeting

A great deal of thoughtful input was heard at the Port Commission meeting on July 9.  At the end of the meeting, the Port Commission approved the action to surplus hangar buildings A through E.  For those who were unable to make the Commission meeting, there were some great questions and information shared during the meeting that we found to be beneficial and relevant for the aviation community here at KBVS:


Skagit Regional Airport Master Plan

The Port of Skagit’s Airport Master Plan was updated in 2007 and included plans to build infrastructure that could support increasing jet activity at the airport.  The airport has seen a continuous trend of increasing jet traffic, even while experiencing the same decline in general aviation that has affected the aviation community across the country.  In 2008, following completion of the master plan, the Port conducted a round table meeting of all airport tenants and stakeholders and received considerable input from pilots, including a strong recommendation to re-envision Skagit Regional Airport as a hub for economic activity across the region.  The Port responded to this input by crafting a conceptual development plan for the airport that optimizes the use of airport facilities to support business growth throughout our region.  This plan calls for the lengthening of our primary runway, establishment of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection office at Skagit, and construction of larger hangars that can support use by business aviation traffic.  This plan guides our work here at the airport on a daily basis.


Just as the Port considers it important to utilize Skagit Regional Airport as an economic driver for our community, it is also true that our entire general aviation community takes part in utilizing and creating value in that asset.  Business aviation, including corporate jet traffic, is included within the definition of “general aviation.”  By planning for and building adequate facilities in the right location on the airport, we ensure that business aviation can find a home at Skagit.  By that same token, we understand that general aviation is in itself an economic driver that generates jobs and income for businesses in our valley.  Our objective is to develop our airport with a place for all of these uses.  In this case, the time is right to make a home for light aircraft on the crosswind flightline and prepare the 11-29 flightline to service larger aircraft.


New Hangar Construction

Our prospective developers have received a lot of feedback and interest expressed from our pilot community for new hangars.  At this point, those developers are completing their due diligence work and preparing to move forward with their projects.  We will keep you informed of progress and estimated timelines as we get more information.


We will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available, and we thank you again for your partnership in making Skagit Regional Airport an important asset for our entire community.




Sara K. Young

Director of Planning and Facilities

If you are a reporter seeking information about the Port of Skagit, please call Linda Tyler, Community Outreach Administrator, at 360-757-0011 or email