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T-Hangar Update:  09-20-19


September 20, 2019



Dear T-Hangar Tenants and Stakeholders,



Thank you for your patience as we continue to move forward with development projects at Skagit Regional Airport.  We continue to field some questions about latest updates and news and would like to take this opportunity to share with you what we know to date.


We are working with the three developers of the two t-hangar projects on 04-22 and the large box hangar project on 11-29 in order to put together a schedule that would be helpful for pilots and tenants of the airport.   Gathering details from all parties involved is taking a bit of time, but once complete, we will be able to provide a development timeline.  This timeline will include updates on “milestones” for the three projects, providing a straightforward way to track progress and anticipate next steps for everyone.


The developers of these projects have all stated that they will not be breaking ground in 2019, so all construction-related activities will not begin until next year.


As we’ve shared in previous updates, the Port will provide as much advance notice as possible about any demolition of t-hangars.  For this project, it is our goal to provide 60 days notice to tenants impacted by this development. 


We were asked by our pilot community in February to provide regular updates on the t-hangar situation and we were happy to open up that line of communication with you to answer questions and provide updates as new information became available.   We hope that this development timeline will also be a useful tool for you as we move forward with the development projects at Skagit Regional Airport. 


Thank you again for being a partner with the Port of Skagit, and for helping to bring out the best in this transportation asset.





Sara K. Young

Director of Planning and Facilities

Airport Manager

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