Genuine Skagit Valley

Welcome to our Genuine Skagit Valley information center. The following pages will introduce you to the history and background for our strategy to enhance the success, perception and image of agriculture in the Skagit Valley.


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The Genuine Skagit Valley program is designed to increase consumer awareness and consumption of Skagit Valley agricultural related products and services. You are encouraged to utilize the Genuine Skagit Valley Mark in conjunction with sale, promotion and support of Skagit Valley agricultural related products and services.


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Skagit Valley Agriculture – A Genuine Heritage

The Skagit Valley Value-Added Agriculture Innovation Partnership Zone nurtures partnerships to enhance the local agricultural industry, promoting innovative approaches that combine research and technology producing new jobs and a robust economy centered on the valley’s rich agricultural resources and heritage.


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Official Guide to the Genuine Skagit Valley Agricultural Promise & Strategy

The purpose of the “Guide” is to provide an outline of our strategy for enhancing the image, reputation and success of Skagit Valley Agriculture. This Guide provides product purchaser’s perspectives of Skagit Valley and insights related to how our community can optimize our agriculture opportunities.


A Skagit Valley Agricultural Economic Opportunity sub-committee has been established to “develop a brand strategy for the Skagit Valley.” The goal of the committee is to enhance the Skagit Valley’s agricultural region’s perception and reputation as a premier, preferred and distinctive origin brand. Preference for Skagit Valley’s agricultural products builds our perceived value and relevance in the minds of residents, regional, national and international fresh food artisans, fresh food purchasers, consumers, food marketers, government agencies and influencers.


This guide will be used to educate and train fresh food producers, retailers, and others in the agricultural food community on the importance of the strategy, how to use the strategy and how to combine the strategy with a federally registered certification trademark that will identify Skagit Valley products as authentic.


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Genuine Skagit Valley Promise

Discover the authentic tastes, experiences and life in the Skagit Valley.

Families continuing to grow and provide the best.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air in our wide open spaces, mountains, rivers and sea.

Welcome to Beautiful Skagit Valley . . . Inspire your senses!



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