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Runway 10-28 Rehabilitation Project

Learjet N542SA takes off Oct. 19 on the ceremonial commissioning flight marking the completion of the Runway 10-28 (now 11-29) project.

Project News, Oct. 22, 2012:

Runway 04-22 reopened at 5 p.m. Oct. 18, substantially completing the Runway 10-28 project. Just minor electrical work and a final coat of paint on the runway markings remain.  

The Port hosted a Runway 11-29 Commissioning Celebration at 10 a.m.  Friday, Oct. 19. Speakers included Congressman Rick Larsen, Sate Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, local officials, and representatives from Senator Maria Cantwell, the Federal Aviation Administration and Washington State Department of Transportation. The event concluded with a ceremonial commissioning flight.

Please note the change in our runway designation from Runway 10-28 to Runway 11-29. The taxiway designations have become Taxiway A (as before), A1, A2, A3, A4; Taxiway B (formerly Taxiway G), B1, B2, B3; and Taxiway C (formerly Taxiway F).  Pilots should remember to check NOTAMs for current closure status.


Construction of the Runway 10-28 Crown Conversion and Longitudinal Gradient Adjustment project at Skagit Regional Airport began on July 9, 2012. For more information on the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

The port has awarded a contract for the project to Scarsella Bros. Inc. of Kent, WA. The contractor’s winning bid was $8,562,798.25. That makes the project the most expensive capital improvement in the 48-year history of the port.

The project is the second in a series of two improvement projects on Runway 10-28 to bring the surface to Federal Aviation Administration pavement standards for a D-II runway (accommodating aircraft with approach speeds from 121 up to 166 knots and wingspans up to 79 feet). Precision Approach Engineering designed the project and is providing project oversight.

The first phase, completed last summer, repaired soft spots in the runway by replacing the failed drainage system. Interwest Construction Inc., Burlington, WA, was the contractor for that $2.5 million project.

The 2012 construction work will bring the longitudinal gradient at Runway 28 into compliance with standards for Approach Category C & D aircraft and will convert the surface of the runway to a crown section to meet current FAA standards. To see an overview of the Phase Two project, CLICK HERE.

The 2012 construction will include the following major elements:

•          The east end of the runway will be raised by approximately five feet, and drainage infrastructure will be installed under this portion.

•          The surface of the runway will be paved with multiple asphalt lifts to create the crown configuration. Connector taxiways will be graded and paved to meet the new grades.

•          Taxiway B will be realigned to form a 90-degree approach to the runway and a straight connection to Taxiway G. The run-up apron will be relocated to the inside of Taxiway B to be compatible with future development of the adjacent lot.

•          The Runway 10-28 lighting system will be replaced with an updated system.

•          The airport signage system will be replaced.

The project will make Skagit Regional Airport more compatible with larger business jets that already are operating on Runway 10-28. Operations of these aircraft exceeded 300 in 2010 and are increasing. The Airport Master Plan trend analysis indicates that operations of larger business jets will reach 500 per year in the next three to eight years.


Project Timeframes

 Significant project timeframes are as follows:

  •  Runway 04-22 will be closed on July 9 and will remain closed through the last week in July.
  • The current schedule calls for the closure of Runway 10-28 to begin on Monday, July 30, and continue through mid-October.
  • Runway 04-22 will close again briefly after 10-28 reopens to complete the project.


How to get information during construction

Once the project is under way, you will be able to receive current updates on the project and upcoming runway closures from the following sources:

 Airport Procedures During Construction

The following airport procedures will be observed during construction for the safety of pilots and construction crews on the ground:

 Closing Runway

  • Contractor will make radio calls at 10 and 5 minutes prior to closing any runway on CTAF frequency 123.075
  • Contractor will visually clear runway and call runway closed at closure time listed in NOTAM.
  • Once runway is closed, Contractor will deploy lighted or fabric closure crosses and turn off runway lighting and visual approach aids. Beacon, wind cone, and AWOS will remain on when only one runway is closed. Only AWOS will stay on during closure of both runways.

 Closure of Both Runways

  • Taxiway and ramp areas not closed for construction will be open to rotorcraft (helicopter) operations at the pilot’s discretion at all times. When both Runway 10-28 and Runway 04-22 are closed simultaneously, no fixed wing aircraft will be allowed to arrive or depart from the airport. Taxiways, medians, or shoulders are not to be used for arrivals or departures of fixed wing aircraft at any time.

 Opening Runway

  • Prior to opening a runway, the contractor will stop all work, remove all materials and equipment from the area, conduct a sweep of the runway and taxiways to remove any FOD, restore power to the runway lights and visual approach aids, and remove runway closure crosses.
  • A VHF radio call on the CTAF frequency (123.075) will be issued when the runway has been opened.  If pilots are planning to depart promptly after a runway closure, they must wait to hear the announcement.  This is very important for everyone’s safety. If you think you might have missed the call and believe the runway to be open, place a call to the FBO to see if they can confirm that the runway has been opened. The Contractor will also have a VHF hand held radio tuned to the CTAF frequency and you may call them directly to discern the status. In all cases, safety must take precedence. If you haven't received a positive clearance from a credible source and you can't confirm that the runway is open, do not use the runway.
  • Skagit Regional Airport’s AWOS time will be the standard for time throughout construction. The AWOS can be listened to on frequency121.125 or on the phone at (360) 757-7767. Please set your watch to AWOS time.


 Emergency:                                                      911

Airport Office:                                                  (360) 757-0011

Airport Duty Phone – After Hours Line:           (360) 630-7131

Whatcom Security:                                           (360) 428-2777


Aug. 15, 2012: Runway 10-28 looking east, as seen from a helicopter. The Skagit Publishing web site,, has posted a video report on the runway project that was filmed that day. To watch the report, click HERE.


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TV Station Interviews Airport Manager About 10-28 Project

On Feb. 13, 2012, a news crew from KVOS Channel 12 in Bellingham interviewed Sara Young, Skagit Regional Airport manager, about the second phase of the Runway 10-28 project. To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.